Terms of Service

Here at ChmuraNet, the terms of use are rather simple. Matter of fact, there is but a single important term of use:

Don’t Be An Asshole.

Examples of being an asshole:

At some point, you may say to yourself, “I wonder if those guys would think that doing this would make me an asshole.” Let that be the first clue, just don’t do it, use your common sense.

If we determine, that in our judgment, you have taken advantage of our tolerant and good nature by being a significant asshole - we will, that very day, without warning, terminate your account, without refund or recourse. Appreciate you understanding this.

Beyond that it is all boilerplate, we don’t guarantee the suitability of the service to any particular task. We reserve the right to upgrade, downgrade or make changes to both the service and these terms. And so on... you get the idea.